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Goldies Carbide Burs Coarse-Cut 6/Kit

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  • Revolutionary - Titanium Nitride Coating.
  • Guaranteed minimum of 3 times extended tool life.

Handy assortment for fast "coarse-cut" reducing of acrylic and metals including non-precious and chrome cobalt.  

Item Description Quantity
8201 Goldies Carbide Bur 84-T/XC 1-PC
8202 Goldies Carbide Bur 82-T/XC 1-PC
8203 Goldies Carbide Bur 63-B/XC 1-PC
8204 Goldies Carbide Bur 53-A/XC 1-PC
8205 Goldies Carbide Bur 52-D/XC 1-PC
8206 Goldies Carbide Bur 52-C/XC 1-PC
Action Reduce
Brand Goldies
Coating TiN (Titanium Nitride)
Cut Coarse
Dremel Code Carving/Engraving
For use on Metal
For use on Non-Precious Metal
For use on Chrome Cobalt
Grade Coarse
Made of Tungstun Carbide
Shank Diameter 3/32" (2.35mm)
Shank Type HP
Specialty Dental
Tool Rotary Tool